Three new violins under $999.00

All instruments come fully set up, in a case with a bow. Featured violins are full size 4/4. Fractional sizes also available.

#3 Debutte Series $450.00

An impressive entry level instrument, with great response. Currently only have 1 available but will definitely be getting more in. Setup with Vision Strings, date wood fittings and Wittner tailpiece. Yes, that is a real ebony fingerboard!


#2 The Cannzona Outfit $850.00

One of the most impressive instruments I’ve seen in this price range. Antiqued varnish and boxwood fittings, a great sounding violin with decent projection. Comes with ViolinO strings, and Wittner tailpiece.

# 1 Cannzona Select     $1,300.00   $950.00

eastman 180IMG_8924

Similar to the previous violin there’s just more sound and better fittings also a better case and bow. Dominant strings with a Lenzner Goldbrokat “e”, Boxwood fittings. Pernambuco bow. Used as a practice violin by my sister for a week while travelling to Great Britain.

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