About Us

working on finishing a new violin

working on finishing a new violin


The smallest Luthier shop in Southern Alberta. Making, restoration, and maintenance for violin family instruments.


The rib structure garland receives some inside trimming before installing the linings and glueing to the back and belly.

A short pleasant drive south of Calgary to the Town Okotoks. Tyler Langdon operates a small luthier business, specializing violin, viola, cello and double bass construction and care. Customers come from all over western North America for repairs, maintenance and a selection of new and restored instruments, and bows.

 testing an instrument in the shopI first picked up the violin at the age of five, and studied the Suzuki method. It was a terrific introduction to music and fostered a great love and appreciation for music. I’ve been involved with orchestras, bands, and chamber groups since my early teens and currently play the viola in a quartet and civic symphony. My focus has become the creation of new instruments inspired by the great master violin makers, that fill today’s concert halls and fit the requirements of players.

koi quartet

Playing in a quartet for Classical Revolution in Calgary

viola back

An incredible piece of wood is now an incredible instrument!

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