Custom Instruments

Instruments designed with you in mind. From the woodpile to the stage.

IMG_20150902_162251 IMG_20150902_162334

I search out the best quality tonewood possible, most of it is Canadian, all of it is air dried and ready to be turned into something that can really sing!

Current prices for commissions.
Violin: $9,000
Viola: $9,000
Cello: $15,000



manon tyler jschFB_IMG_1497485109050 (1).jpg

It’s hard not to smile when you’re playing one of my instruments!

in case manon


In 2015 I took on a new commission which has changed the approach to the creation of new instruments. Three things that I’ve learned with the creation of new instruments; you are in the shadow of giants. The great Italian masters set the bar very high with their masterful violins that seem to appreciate in value every minute. Two, they worked in their own style and weren’t copying off of a poster or some pre-purchased plan. I have created many molds and forms based on these great instruments, my aim in construction is to achieve the greatest sound and response from the materials I have selected with my customers, rather than try to hit some magic number, thickness or weight. Most importantly is never stop learning. Every instrument has something to teach you weather it’s a new one  that I’m creating or an older one. Good instruments are timeless and will outlast all of us.

Inspecting the backimagemanon completion!image


Of course this wouldn’t be a complete page without a nod to my terrific education and inspiration from the lovely Violin Making School of America

scroll carving Carving violin scrolls in Salt Lake City. 

glued top

My first (or maybe second) violin top ever, just got joined and baby face Tyler is very pleased. Also taken in Salt Lake City.

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