Professionally set up violins currently in stock for sale. Rent to own, Monthly rentals and fractional size instruments also available in store.


Cannzona Violin $Sold

One of the most popular models of student instruments. Responsive and powerful . A consistently good instrument, setup in shop.


Violin by Donald Martin Barnes, Okotoks, 1997 No16 $4,000

His 16th violin comes with a case and bow. Set up with rosewood perfection pegs. Regular pegs can be substituted upon request. Light and responsive


A tremendous sounding Steiner Copy $4,200


Found in poor repair this violin has just recently become playable. The last time it was played was at least 50 years ago. It has a deep rich lower register. The arching is large and exaggerated, and the varnish is fine and fragile. All repairs have been double checked and are structurally solid, and others have been redone professionally.


Luigi Clementi violins, $500-800 Limited availability

New, our featured beginner student model.


78 backeastman

7/8 Andreas Eastman

$SOLD, Can be ordered to store

Handcrafted of selected, seasoned tone woods with ebony fingerboard and boxwood fittings, this instrument has a remarkable tone and matching workmanship. Suitable for smaller framed players. The Andreas Eastman instruments are a better quality instrument than the Samuel Eastman Instruments, and are an incredible value. STRINGS magazine has declared them a “Definitive favourite”. Professional Setup completed in shop.


Carlo Lamberti AV1000 Handcrafted in China Exclusively for SHAR Ann Arbor Michigan.


This violin was used in Kiwanis festivals and for Grade 5-7 violin exams by the last owner, it has been well played in and taken care of. The model AV1000 isn’t made anymore and is a classic example of good Chinese craftsmanship for advancing students. It has the original boxwood fittings, tasteful antiqued varnish and a pleasant range of sound.



Conservatory Violin, $pending

A great student or advancing student option, especially for those who prefer an older instrument over new ones. Violin has various repairs done over the years and is in great shape. Likely the label has been in there for at least one lifetime, however it is not original to the instrument.

Marc Laberte violin $SOLD

Fine Mirecourt violins like this have become auction favourites ranging in price between $990-3,300 at Auction. The varnish on this violin is all original, and has heat damage, this violin outperforms many in the price range. Solidly built from good materials with excellent French workshop craftsmanship.


Ludovic Meurot 358mm French violin $SOLD

Most violins from this maker are know for more of a golden orange or brown colour. Very few in this original redder varnish are available. This instrument has a tremendous warm, rich, and deep sound. It seems partial to Vision Soloist strings with a Gold Evah Pirazzi “e”